SteelMaster Prefab metal structures and buildings; modular, mobile, and made to suit your project needs! it's construction takes only days!

We have the only steel master building Demonstration center in latin america, so you can see for yourself why you should pick core for your building needs

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About Core

Core Industries was founded in Guatemala with a vision to provide our customers the best buildings and building construction services in Central America. Through strategic partnerships, we have achieved that vision. We are the dealers of SteelMaster buildings for the Guatemalan market. We provide local customers with buildings designed to their specifications, of the highest quality, and at accessible prices. With decades worth of engineering and planning experience, our team can place the right building in the right place at the right time for your project.

Our Services

Please contact us to let us know what your project needs are. We can get you the right SteelMaster building material for the right price. We value your opinion and eagerly await any comments you may have for us.



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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a SteelMaster arched structure?

A SteelMaster building is a pre-fabricated structure that comes palletized. They are composed of different sized sections of Galvalume Plus sections which bolt together. Once bolted together, the formed arches are raised and put into place. Subsequent arches are assembled and united onto the previously raised arches with bolts. In the end, the arches form a fully enclosed structure with no need to raise walls, roofs, or additional support structure. 

Why choose Core Industries and SteelMaster building for my project?

There are many advantages to using SteelMaster structures for your project, but to list a few:

-Structures are 100% mobile

-Structures are expandable to any sized length at any time

-Best metallic building material, period. Galvalume Plus is acrylic coated, which protects the metal from rust and the elements

-Sunlight reflection of the material keeps the inside cool

Can I see a SteelMaster structure in person?

Yes. Core Industries has put together a demo center in Guatemala City so that you may see and learn why we should provide your next structure. Click on our demo center link below for more information.

Full Logistics for

your Project

We provide you the support you need at all stages of your building purchase:

-Building selection through delivery, turnkey operation

-Land assessment

-Land preparation

-Tech support before, during, and after build

-Construction services if necessary

Service as you need it

We provide you the building materials, blueprints, and all you need to raise your building; however, if you need construction and structure raising service, we provide that as well. All services needed to build your SteelMaster structure are available at Core Industries.


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